Resilience–A Gift From Hard Times

In 1978, M. Scott Peck (American psychiatrist) published his best-selling book The Road Less Traveled in which the first sentence reads:  “Life is difficult.”  Dr. Peck wasn’t kidding!  On a daily basis we deal with problems large and small–ranging from not being able to find our car keys to dealing with a difficult co-worker.  Usually, we’re … Continue reading Resilience–A Gift From Hard Times

The Caregiver’s Journey–Part 1

I recently attended a one-day conference (organized by Hospice Waterloo Region) for caregivers and professionals who support them.   As I sat with the other participants and heard the stories of people who are actively being a ‘care partner’ for a loved one(s), I was struck by the love and dedication that helped them to make … Continue reading The Caregiver’s Journey–Part 1

Privacy Policy

Blaikie Psychotherapy (“•”) is fully licensed in the province of Ontario, and is registered to provide services in the province of Ontario.  General information for internet use in Ontario is governed by CRPO.  This website is not intended for non-Ontario residents and its use is limited to Ontario residents. Blaikie Psychotherapy respects an individual’s privacy … Continue reading Privacy Policy

The Caregiver’s Journey–Part 2

In last week’s post, we explored the specific parts of the Caregiver’s Journey–the beginning, middle and end stages–what can be expected at each stage and ways to cope.  Today, we’ll specifically look at the burnout that can be experienced by some caregivers.  What are the risk factors?  How do you know if you’re feeling burnout?  … Continue reading The Caregiver’s Journey–Part 2